Restaurant Events’ Dine Around and Progressive Dinner services are free and with a diverse selection of restaurants to choose from, these hassle-free events are sure to be crowd pleasers!

Whether you want to break your group up to dine in a variety of Vancouver’s and Toronto’s best restaurants (The Dine Around), or keep them together to experience the cuisine of 2 to 4 unique restaurants in a single outing (The Progressive Dinner), with one phone call Restaurant Events will:

  • Provide menus, descriptions and photos of all the restaurants that fit within your event budget and objectives.
  • Provide a number of options in event logistics and create the best package based on your specific needs. Vouchers, signups, pre-set menus, bar packages, timing, payment, etc.
  • Create a single contract and payment system for all of the restaurants in your program.
  • Advance each restaurant with personalized, custom menus.
  • Handle any on-site needs on the night of the event.