Over the last few years, jewelry store Toronto has observed that there is a new trend among trinket lovers. Jewelry lovers are not only buying beautiful pieces of trinkets from jewelry shops, but are also trying their hands to make beautiful trinkets.

When one plans to design their own necklaces they need to keep in mind about necklace clasps. The clasps are meant to connect the necklace. In short, it can be said that clasps not only offers functionality but also serves as a great design element.

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Learn About Various Clasps

As you might know there are a profusion of clasp styles available in the market. Take a look into it before you plan to make use of it for your necklace designing process.

Spring Clasp

Any good jewelry store Toronto states that it is the most common type of clasp available. It comes spring-load along with a projecting trigger on the top. It is used with a chain tab to complete the clasp.

Lobster Clasp: This kind of clasp is spring loaded and is self-closing. It can come in various styles and size. The swivel style of clasp can rotate 360 degree and is the most popular choice for chain necklaces.

Barrel Clasp: It resembles barrel shape and is mainly secured by screwing two pieces together. This kind of clasp comes in various shapes and finishes and is ideal for necklaces.

Toggle Clasp: The loop and T shaped bar makes this clasp neatly distinct. It is ideal for heavy jewelry as it adds the piece a refined delicacy.

Magnetic Clasp: Jewelry store Toronto feels that this kind of clasp is easy to bolt. Thus, it is ideal for necklaces to remain secured and remain in place. Various styles and sizes are available.jewellery clasp

Button Toggle Clasp: It comes with a loop of cord and matched buttons. Leather cord is used for securing the loop around the button.

Fishhook Clasp: Jewelry store Toronto states that this kind of clasp is suitable for vintage neck pieces. An interior hook is inserted into an oval box so that the pieces is secured correctly. For lightweight necklaces it’s an ideal choice.

Slide Lock Clasp: In order to remain secured, one end of the tube slides into the other end. This kind of clasp is ideal for securing multiple strands and beading wire, for this reason, it is ideal for heavy necklaces. it adds a great design element to the piece.

Screw Clasp: Almost similar to barrel clasp but it comes in a wide variety of shape and size. It can come in the shape of a bead and can easily hide the design of trinket.

Box Clasp: For lightweight necklaces this clasp is ideal. The clasp which comes with safety chains is apt as it prevents jewelry to fall out.

Crimping Clasp: This kind of clasps is crimped on the end of cords and beading wires. some kind of clasp which falls under this category are hook clasp, lobster clasp, etc.

S Hook Clasp: Last but not the least jewelry store Toronto states that this kind of clasp is the oldest one. It gets its name from the ‘S’ shape and is designed so that it attaches one end of trinket to another end.v


Are you looking for a classy gift idea for your friend or relative? You can go for gift baskets.

The most important thing about a gift basket is that these gift baskets are completely customizable and can be a perfect gift for any occasions. They are suitable for birthday’s anniversary, get well soon, housewarming party, and so on. In fact, the best thing about them is that one gets to experiment with wide range of  items like snacks or deinks or clothes, or any other useful items.

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Go For the Ready Made or Customized One

A wine or an alcohol gift basket can be a classy gift for any occasion. In fact, these baskets can be a great way to celebrate any special occasions like wedding or anniversary. While you can easily get a ready alcohol gift basket at any departmental gift basket Toronto store, but you can create your alcohol basket. After all, customizing a liquor basket for your friend or family members can easily reflect a feeling of love, warmth, and thoughtfulness from your part.

Make Your Own Gift Basket

Selecting a Basket

You need to choose a gift basket before you buy the liquors. Depending on the size of the basket, you can decide on the number of bottles that you can include in the basket and other necessary stuffs. Baskets of any size can be very useful for the recipient as they can use it for other purposes later on. Like for storing laundry clothes.

Chose Basket Linen Item

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Once you are done with choosing a basket, you need to consider the linen. Good quality linen can easily uplift the gift to a level and give it a professional flair. You can take the advice of experts who works at gift basket Toronto store. They can guide you with choosing linen for your basket.

Select the Items

Depending on the occasion and your budget, you can choose the items for a basket. Usually, in order to make a beautiful alcohol wine basket, you can include two bottles of wine or beer or tequila, wine accompaniments like cheese, shot or wine glass and so on.


Once you have filled the basket with necessary stuff, you can decorate the basket with colorful wrapping paper and streamers. If you are not sure about the right way to pack the basket, you can ask the gift basket Toronto to assist you in packing. They will pack the basket beautifully so that it catches the attention of the recipient.

Customizing a gift basket can be a novel way to send a perfect gift to a friend or to a beloved during any occasion. Make your own alcohol gift basket and make the recipient happy. Learn the art of gift giving by reading here!