We often ignore a loud “thunk” sound when we turn off a faucet or when the water stops flowing into the washing machine or dishwasher. This phenomenon is called “water hammer”, and apart from the disturbing noise, it also indicates serious plumbing damage.

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Source of the noise

Water flowing through plumbing pipes is under pressure. Rushing water through an open faucet may slam into the closed valve when suddenly turned off. This creates a hydraulic shock and the impact can cause problems like broken pipes, loose fittings and damage to water-connected appliances. These issues can be handled by some of the best plumbers Toronto present in cities like Toronto.

Additionally, the shockwaves from water hammer can cause physical movement of pipes which can move from the jolt. Without adequate securing the joists in with suitable pipe straps, the pipes may bang against walls, which can create noise and further damage. To take care of this beforehand, some of the best plumbers Toronto are available to provide a variety of services.

Solution to plumbing issues

If the plumbing system is not old, air chambers can be used to redress plumbing issues. An air chamber is a short vertical pipe installed behind a valve. This piece of pipe is higher than the valve and gets filled with air instead of water. The air acts as a shock absorber when the water is turned off.

Water hammer may happen even with air chambers installed because the water may have bubbled up into the air chamber gradually nullifying the protective effects. This issue can be fixed by shutting off the home’s main water valve and then opening the faucets at the highest and lowest points of the structure. The water drains from the plumbing system and the air chambers automatically get refilled with air. The main water valve can be reopened and checked if the problem persists. Plumbers Toronto can help with these issues before any major damage happens to the system.

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Installing an air chamber is the best solution in case of water hammering issue. An alternate solution is to have devices called water hammer arrestors installed instead. Since, it is a sealed system, so it won’t fill up with water over time. But water hammer arrestors need to be replaced eventually, but air chambers can be effective for decades. Contact best plumbers around Toronto to get quotations for your plumbing system.

Water Pressure Check

High water pressure can create problem even with air chambers or water hammer arrestors. With a water pressure gauge, which can be purchased for a few dollars at most hardware stores, the pressure can be checked. The gauge needs to be screwed onto the hose bib and the faucet needs to be fully opened while all the other faucets and fixtures are closed. Usually, safe water pressure can range between 50 to 80 psi. If the pressure is higher, plumbers in Toronto can be contacted for an immediate solution.

Also, local water utility can be contacted to report this high-pressure problem. They may send someone to your home to reduce the pressure at the water meter. But hiring some of the best plumbers Toronto around to install a water pressure regulator can be more impactful.