If you live in the western countries of the world, you would know very well that the winter seasons can get very tough at times. The winter period is not only harsh but the extreme temperature fluctuations can easily take a huge toll on the landscaping.

During the winter season, starting from the walkway to the driveways, as well as the streets get covered with huge amount of snow. For removing the snow, road salt is often used. With passage of time, the abrasive nature of the salt causes interlock driveway to get discolored. The damage is not only limited to the driveways, even the patios or walkways that get exposed to snow can face serious damage.

Weather Plays Havoc

It is a known fact that weather can play a great damage on the exposed surfaces. Homeowners and people who spend thousands of dollars on improvising their landscape like driveways or walkways, is not content to welcome the damage caused by road salt and other things. For this reason, many homeowners look forward to take care of the interlock pavers before the winter season sets in.

interlock driveway

Damage to Interlock Pavers

 Although interlocking pavers are considered to be more suitable than asphalt or concrete, still an interlocking stone can get damaged because of:

  • Road salt deposits
  • Penetration of water or frost
  • Ice melting product
  • Removing snow mechanically


Although, homeowners can’t control the action of Nature, still the damage of the interlock driveway can be reduced up to a great extent. For this reason, one can take the help of some tips.

While seasonal maintenance might be required for keeping the interlock stones of driveway or walkway in great condition, but homeowners can carry out some maintenance works on their own. Take a look below:

Sand: When interlock pavers are placed across the driveways, make sure it is placed across a bed of sand. It can prevent the pavers from getting chipped due to natural shifting of the ground.

Pressure Washing: A little cleaning of interlock driveway with a pressure wash can help in keeping the stones free from stains, salt buildups and other things which can cause the stones to corrode.

Resealing: Resealing the stones of driveways is extremely important. It can help in keeping the colors of the paver stones intact.

Removing Things: It is important to get rid of all heavy items like flower pots or wood piles from interlock driveway pavers in advance. This would ensure that the paver stones don’t get scathed while removing objects.

Not Using Salt: In order to remove snow deposits from the driveway, homeowners can consider using branded ice melting products. One should try to select materials that are non-corrosive.

Watch the Shovel: During the winter months one needs to deal with ice as well as snow, hence, while shoveling, great care should be taken. The metal edge of the shovel can chip the interlock driveway pavers. Hence, the best solution is to use plastic shovel.


For landscaping projects like driveway, interlock pavers is the ideal choice of pavers as it provides a great curb appeal to the place. With the following tips one can take great care of their interlocking pavers.